About us

In October 2016, we stayed in Lofoten for 10 days in a van, thats when we decided not to join the square life. We packed our stuff and continued to fill our lives with joy by surfing, skiing, hiking and meeting new people. We figured out that our lives were better when not constrained by a time rhythm.

Every day we are looking forward to meeting new people, discussions and being creative. With bachelors in both engineer and entrepreneurship, we hope to contribute to Arctic Coworking Lodge's lively working environment.



This is Rolf Oftedal, he surfs with his right foot first, he´s extremely positive and has a hunger for keeping mother nature clean. A bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship combined with a creative mind makes him your perfect advisor when stuck. Co-founder and CEO


And this is Stian Morel, he surfs with his left foot first, loves baking bread and offers quite a bit of time outside. He loves to figure out how to make things work and has a bachelor in engineering. Co-founder and Concept director.


Where is the house?



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