Insider tips for getting to Lofoten (while not breaking the bank)

If you were keen enough to give us your e-mail, just for reading this article (thanks!), we`re sure you have already went through the trouble of checking flights to Lofoten.

Maybe even dissapointingly so, when you find out a flight from Oslo to Leknes will run you back up to 4000 NOK back and forth. Not too bad, but bad enough! So here is a few insider tips on how to get to Lofoten in a wallet-friendly way.

First, a heads up. The easiest way to get here is without a doubt the airport of Leknes. While the airport of Harstad/Narvik is accessible through low-cost airline Norwegian, landing there and getting here will require a 3,5 hour bus ride or hiring a rental car. Check out One Tech Travellers bus experience in this link.

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Stian Morel