Insider tips for getting to Lofoten (while not breaking the bank)

When flying into Harstad, remember to land early to make sure you catch the  Lofoten express  bus and avoid overnights. @onetechtravveler

When flying into Harstad, remember to land early to make sure you catch the Lofoten express bus and avoid overnights. @onetechtravveler

If you were keen enough to give us your e-mail, and keen enough to read this article (thanks!), we`re sure you have already went through the trouble of checking flights to Lofoten.

Maybe even dissapointingly so, when you find out a flight from Oslo to Leknes will run you back up to 4000 NOK back and forth. Not too bad, but bad enough! So here is a few insider tips on how to get to Lofoten in a wallet-friendly way.

First, a heads up. The easiest way to get here is without a doubt the airport of Leknes. While the airport of Harstad/Narvik is accessible through low-cost airline Norwegian, landing there and getting here will require a 3,5 hour bus ride or hiring a rental car. Check out One Tech Travellers bus experience in this link.

Youth tickets

The Evenes - Borg bus ride is for sure a beauty @onetechtravveler

The Evenes - Borg bus ride is for sure a beauty @onetechtravveler

Under 26 years old you say? No excuses then, as both SAS/Wideroe and Norwegian Airlines offer rebated tickets to the younger generation. Read more about Norwegians policies in this link, and SAS/Wideroes polices in this link.

Norwegian Airlines newsletter

If you are a flexible traveller, this is a great way to get rebated ticket prices from Oslo to the north. Norwegian runs e-mail campaigns all the time, with prices as low as 799 NOK return ticket. Now that you have given us your e-mail, were sure you can add another newsletter to your spam folder for cheap and easy flying.

Train ride

I don´t know about you, but we feel the most comfortable way of transport is going by train. It´s also without a doubt the most environmentally friendly way. Sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy the views of the Norwegian countryside. There is no annoying sounds and no motion sickness, which makes it a wonderful experience. You can even take the night train, and save yourself the expense of an overnight hotel room.

It´s also a great place to do some work, as Norwegian trains offer wifi and power sockets. Look out for the minipris tickets, as these are always the best option price-wise. Getting an Interrail pass is also a way to do it if you are coming from an European round-trip. All train rides end up in the city of Bodø, which requires a boat or plane ride to Lofoten. The boat ends up in Moskenes or Svolvær, one hour by car/bus from the Lodge.

Do a road trip

Everyone likes road trips! Okay, it may be a stressfull affair with long hours of driving. But, if you are taking advantage of our long-term deals, this is actually one of our recommended options. Although it´s 21 hours from Oslo, you will end up with the freedom of having your own car to explore Lofoten once you are here.

Road trip through the forests of North, Sweden under the northern lights @sylvaincochardphotographe

Road trip through the forests of North, Sweden under the northern lights @sylvaincochardphotographe

If you go through Sweden, the roads are amazing and empty. The roads through Norway is about the same in distance, but slower. Slow is not necessarily all bad, and there is lots of sights to see along the way. Some spots we recommend is the good-vibe city of Trondheim, the amazing Helgeland Coast and the worlds biggest maelstrom, Saltstraumen.


One of the benefits of traveling through a safe country like Norway, is that hitch-hiking is a relatively low risk form of transport. Although this option is best for the adventurous and patient, it´s definitely the cheapest way to get to Lofoten. There is loads of people driving this stretch of road, and they might want someone to talk to! Just a warning, if you choose this option you should consider bringing some camping gear as there is a chance of being stuck at some of Norway´s most remote areas. Summer is also a better season to do this as its longer and warmer days, and more traffic. Bring a reflective vest and some warm clothes!

Going by boat

Entering the Norwegian coast by boat

Entering the Norwegian coast by boat

We won´t fool you, this is not the cheapest way to come here. Might even be the most expensive way to get here. But, if you consider what the experience of sailing along Norway´s magnificent coastline is worth, you get a lot of bang for the buck. Hurtigruta was once the only way of traveling up north, and the company has long traditions in the Norwegian Culture. A once in a lifetime experience! A boat ride from Bergen to Stamsund will set you back around 3000 NOK one-way, depending on season, with your own cabin.

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