Richard Ellis

Richard spent a whole month here at Arctic Coworking, and what a cool month it was. He left us a review, and we just had to share it due to his amazing writing. 

Richards review:

Spending a month at Arctic Coworking Lodge was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you're trying to decide, let me help you:

Pasta for days

Pasta for days

1) The community is the best part of Arctic Coworking. You feel like a 'local' from day one and meet so many interesting people beyond the lodge. There's always someone -- or many people -- ready to go on an adventure with you. 
2) The scenery in Lofoten is ridiculous. Every day looks like a scene out of Middle Earth (minus the orcs, trolls, wars, etc.). My photos all look like they could have been in National Geographic, even though I suck at photography.
3) The quality of the hiking, climbing, and camping was superb. I want to come back in winter so that I can surf, snowboard, and climb in the same day.

Do not let the flight to the islands or cost of Norwegian living deter you (it's not that bad, especially if you have a low tolerance for alcohol!). Ask Rolf and Stian for my contact info if you want to hear more.

Stian Morel