How to go to Lofoten, the hard way (pt.2)

Last week we talked to Sam Billingham about his bike-trip.

This time we talk to a man which also faced a lot of challenges on his travels.

Andreas Steffensen´s Story - Sailing to Lofoten

Andreas Steffensen is a guy hailing from Mosjøen – a little town just below the Arctic Circle.

Andreas lives in his sailboat full time, just like any stereotypical Norwegian Viking. He is currently docked at the Arctic Coworking Lodge.

Working and living in a sailboat in the Arctic – would you recommend this type of lifestyle to others?

Living and working from a sailboat gives you the freedom to move your own home with the wind. Going sailing means fishing your own food right outside the door, and giving your friends and family an out of the ordinary experience when you are out sailing.

Exploring new places, meeting new people from everywhere you go is a really good feeling. If you like challenges, and want to go out of your own comfort zone I would definitely recommend moving abroad. 

While it gets pretty cold in the winters outside, with a good oven and a insulated boat, I can heat up pretty quickly. It´s pretty comfy. Having some sort of facility on land for showering and cleaning clothes is a must. Working at Arctic Coworking Lodge gives me all of this, which is great! 

Working with office views like these is pretty amazing right?

Working with office views like these is pretty amazing right?

Tell us a little bit about your trip!

I started my sailing trips this summer exploring the coast of Helgeland, the islands Vega, Herøy and Dønna. After that I went further north, heading for Lofoten. It got pretty bad weather, with 20 knots of wind and high waves close to Træna. And anchored my boat up in a natural harbour. When I woke up the next morning, the Træna festival just started. So like to think I ended my first part of the sailing trip with a 4 day long party at Træna!

You had to get rescued at some point – what happened?

Well that had to happen at some point, as an unexperienced sailor in Lofoten, weather can be rough. I anchored up close to land, and the wind changed and I got dragged onto a rock. I was more afraid of my boat really, than my own safety.

With a rope in the propeller I could do nothing else than call for help on my VHF. After 40 minutes the rescue squad was there, and towed me to the nearest dock. Redningsselskapet is really awesome and professional. They even had a diver ready for getting the rope out of the propeller, could not be more thankful for their quick and professional help!

Andreas smiling after getting rescued

Andreas smiling after getting rescued


Tell us a little bit about what you are working on right now:

My main focus right now is studying for a Front-end development certificate at Noroff vocational school. Im also working on developing my own storytelling, so that i can show the world more of my adventures sailing around. Learning and working together with other Digital Nomads at Arctic Coworking Lodge is a great way to get inspiration and motivation from others.

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