Meet the team Vol. 1

After a very relaxing and dark winter, the Arctic Coworking Lodge team is back in business and ready to host you in 2019. Now we will introduce you to the Arctic Coworking Team. These are the people that built this place from the ground up for you to have an enjoyable remote working experience in our awesome part of the world.

First up, we have Stian Morel hailing from the southern part of Norway.

5 quick facts about Stian:

  1. Right or left foot forward


  2. Snow or tropics?

    Snow mostly, because then you can snowboard too.

  3. Northern lights or midnight sun?

    Midnight sun.

  4. Slippers vs boots in the winter


  5. Biggest stoke right now

    Working remotely as a Naval Engineer

I decided to move to Lofoten after my first visit here

So Stian, why Lofoten?

I decided to move to Lofoten after my first visit here. A little backstory on that. Before I moved to Lofoten, I went to school in another part of Norway, which is the city of Ålesund. That place is so good, if you have never been to Norway it will blow your mind. It´s ranked Norway's most beautiful city for good reason. The city is right by the ocean, and if you do a 45 minute drive you are in the most crazy mountain peaks.

Could we get a job? Probably not. Could we start a business? Probably!

So I lived there, in some of the rawest nature you can find in Norway. I had heard about the Lofoten area, the waves and the mountains, but I was not ready for how sick it actually was. Me and Rolf drove up here in the fall, it was a 20-hour straight drive. We drove through the night and woke up in the van at Unstad, just to see the most savage mountains looking down on barreling waves. From there we explored Lofoten for 10 days, before returning to school. Lofoten managed to make the area around Ålesund not as impressive, which is really hard to do if I'm honest.

I remember talking to Rolf when we were driving back, and talking about how it would be to move here. Compared to Ålesund its pretty remote. Could we get a job? Probably not. Could we start a business? Probably! The rest is history.

Right now you are working full-time as a Naval Engineer, running a growing business, surfing or snowboarding 3-4 times a week, all while keeping your sourdough starter alive. How do you do it?

When you spend a bit of time every week being outside doing activities you enjoy, your mind is in the right space to work hard. Something about feeding your brain fresh air that makes it easier to focus.


It´s also very important to be interested in whatever you do and realize that your mind has different strengths and needs. You can't just focus on one thing, you have to have a variety of balance points. I need to feed my brain complicated engineering math, but that can't be the only thing I do. Creativity is just as important, and I also have to be socializing in my work. For me everything fits together pretty neatly right now with both my job and ACL. Unfortunately my sourdough starter died.

How has the winter been for you?

It's been great, although a bit hectic. There has been a lot of stuff going on, and so much work. I have gotten a few beautiful days on the snowboard, and also a few really good surf sessions. When the light is only there for a few hours a day, it's hard to fit everything in.

Unfortunately my sourdough starter died.

It's also been a weird winter. There was almost zero snow in mid January, and then all of a sudden we got the biggest dump of snow I have ever seen. It was crazy, almost 2 meters in one day. They closed a lot of the roads around here due to avalanche danger. Then there was a heavy storms that almost blew the roof of my house, and all the snow melted again.

Now though, we are heading into the period where this won't be a problem. You can really feel that the light is getting better every day. So i'm happy I will be able to fit everything in to the schedule - surfing, snowboarding and of course, work.


What kind of future do you see for Arctic Coworking Lodge?

I am so excited. We are in this phase right now where our work is starting to pay off. We are getting more and more noticed every day.

At the same time it's a frustrating thing to be in a startup. You don't exactly get paid by the hour, and if we were to put all of the work we did into another job, we would probably be millionaires. Although were not exactly that, the value in learning how to start a business is beyond money!

We are honestly just getting started - look forward to the cooperation Arctic Digital Nomads. I think digital nomads can have a great impact on any community, especially the fishing dominated arctic villages.

The value of learning how to start a business is beyond money!

So for the future i hope i can have the Arctic Coworking Lodge as my main source of income, and do my engineering thing on the side. That would be rad!

Stian Morel