Meet the team - Vol 2

Alexander James Münster Fjeld Ugland is 25 years old from Son in Norway. Right now he is studying a master degree in entrepreneurship and innovation at Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås.

This path required him to intern somewhere, and what better place to intern than at the Arctic Coworking Lodge.

Alexander the intern

Alexander the intern

5 quick facts about Alex:

  1. Right or left foot forward

    Right, but sometimes I surf on my bum just for fun.  

  2. Snow or tropics?

    I like snow and cold rough weather, but I love Mie Ayam Bakso which is an Indonesian soup. My dream is to move back to Indo and only wear boardshorts and eat Bakso for the rest of my life.  

  3. Northern lights or midnight sun?

    Easy, northern lights because its way better surf in Norway in winter time.  

  4. Slippers vs boots in the winter.

    Wetsuit boots, preferably 8mm.

  5. Biggest stoke right now

    Being in Lofoten, working and learning from the guys. I also have a startup project going on that started in the office at the lodge that I'm really stoked about.

So Alex, what made you apply for an internship at Arctic Coworking Lodge?

Alex, Mike and Eivind enjoying a nice beach day

Alex, Mike and Eivind enjoying a nice beach day

So I am studying a master in Innovation, and a big part of my degree is how to go from an idea to a startup, and then how to scale up. I learn a lot of different methods you can use in an early stage of a business, like lean-startup methodology.

Arctic Coworking Lodge is a perfect example of how to run a lean-startup. I also learn about the effects of coworking and knowledge sharing. So the reason why I wanted to do my internship at ACL was that I easily can link theory to practice and Stian and Rolf had a cool vibe.

What have you learned so far?

I have learned that it is important to know different business tools. In school, I learn a lot of theory but not actually how to use tools like Google Analytics etc.

There is so much going into starting a business that you can never learn in school. I think it's important to be aware of entrepreneurial learning where you experiment with different tactics, reflect on it and then decide how to move forward.

Are you able to put what you learn at school into practice?

Putting that Lean Startup theory into practice

Putting that Lean Startup theory into practice

Oh yes. ACL showed me how to run a lean startup in practice. They are a perfect example of how everyone with some perseverance can start a business, and they are on their path to scaling and getting bigger.

Would you recommend others to intern at Arctic Coworking Lodge?

Yes, definitely! Rolf and Stian are good at motivating, delegating tasks and giving feedback. The work you do is real and are used by the business.

You also get to meet a lot of interesting people and see cool places!

What is your favourite thing about Lofoten?

The waves, and the cod!

Stian Morel