Renting cars in Lofoten

Through our local second hand rental car service, we will make sure your Lofoten Islands exploration is affordable.

Prices Short term (up to one month):

Low season: 300 NOK

High season: 350 NOK

One month rental is usually 5000 NOK - get in touch for your quote!

There is a number of reasons why a rental car is smart in Lofoten:

  1. Get of the beaten path. With a rental car your exploration is unlimited, and you can easily access places most people does not.

  2. Public transport is not very good. Although it is possible to use it, it is very time consuming and requires a lot of planning. Just getting your groceries can be a challenge without a car (or good friends)

  3. You wanna look cool. And you will look cool in a 1998 Toyota Corolla.

Send us an e-mail ( if you want to book your car!

Stian Morel