How to get to Lofoten

In this blog post we will cover the most efficient way to get to Lofoten. If you want to know cheapest way, read here.

  1. Fly to Oslo. Which airline is best depends on your current location. A good tip is to check Skyscanner or similar services.

  2. Fly from Oslo to Leknes. This trip is operated by SAS/Wideroe, and you need to change flights once or twice, in Trondheim or Bodø.

  3. Rent a car from our favorite second hand rental car partner (pick up in Leknes). Read all about it here.

  4. Take the 20 min drive from the airport to the lodge with your fresh 1998 Toyota Corrolla.

You can easily do this in a day if you plan it right. On the way back, just reverse the process!

If you need any help planning, send us an email ( and we will usually get back to you within the day!

Stian Morel