How to get to lofoten


First off, you need to get to Norway, we would advise you to go to Oslo. From here there are daily trains and flights to our surrounding towns. Even though train tickets can be cheaper than flights, they take up to 24 hours. Compared to the 2 hour flights, its worth the extra dime.

To get to Lofoten, there are quite a few alternatives, some of them are listed further down under the map. The closest airport is Leknes, it´s situated 15 minutes from the house and there are both direct and indirect flights from Oslo to Leknes.

Other arrivals are Moskenes, Svolvær and Evenes. Leknes is the closest airport, but Evenes is generally the cheapest alternative, although it requires a 3 hour bus ride to get to the house.

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Fly or take a train to Bodø, and take the ferry to Moskenes

Timetable for ferries here

Fly to Bodø aiport and take speedfeery to Svolvær - only summertime

Timetables for ferries here

Fly to Evenes airport and take bus to Leknes

Timetables for busses here

Fly between Oslo airport and Svolvær airport with Widerøe, on Tuesdays, thursdays and sundays they even have direct flights

More info here

Fly between oslo airport and Leknes airport, on mondays and fridays they even have direct flights

More info here