What is CoWorking?

Coworking is a working style where people from different backgrounds gather to share a workspace. 

Perfect for freelancers or start-ups. It´s also attractive to work-at-home professionals, digital nomads, and pretty much everyone that can log onto a laptop and get their work done. 

As much as it is a work style, it is also a social gathering. A place where people that work independently can share values, knowledge and experience. 

Our Coworking space

Fast wifi, comfortably furnished and warmly protected from the arctic nature outside. Here, you can let your mind slow down and accelerate your productivity. To suit all kinds of work, we have divided the house into three sections.

Here you can find all your needs. Any special requirements? Feel free to send us an e-mail.


The lounge

The lounge and kitchen have an open floor plan which contributes to the fellowship. The perfect place to connect with new people.


OTT09315 HI RES.jpg

The office space

Next to having desks in all rooms, our small yet stylish office space is perfect for the one who needs pull back and have some quiet time. Furnished with desks and our funky chairs, it's primarily for working alone. It can also be reserved for groups if needed.



The phonebooth

How many times have you been to a café wanting to have a private phone-call? We got you sorted. Our small stand-up phone booth makes a perfect environment for short and effective phone-calls!



Any questions or requirements? E-mail us